Getting a dog


Are you thinking about adding a new puppy or dog to your family?


Is this your first time choosing your new best friend?  Are you a new dog owner to be?


Choosing a new best doggy pal should be done carefully and with research first before jumping in with both feet due to the "cute" factor!


Keep in mind, depending on the breed, dogs can easily live upwards of 15 years.  When choosing your puppy or dog it is so very important to evaluate your lifestyle and needs "realistically" before making a final decision.  As hard as it can seem at the time, it is best to think with your head first, then your heart.  This can save heartache and money for you, and also help ensure your new friend will stay with you for many years, versus ending up in a shelter.


We give you the opportunity to sit down with you and your family to look at your home (inside and out), talk about your lifestyle and daily routines, discuss what your goals are for your new puppy/dog.  This fact finding appointment helps us direct you towards what age range, breed options (mixed &/or pure) and size of dog is most suitable for you.


This service is FREE with the requirement that you will get a dog from a shelter.